After the demise of his rock outfit Colourslide, singer/songwriter Alex Lawhon decided to start a new band using some of the area’s best musicians:

“I envisioned The Roman Spring to be much more than a solo project,” states Lawhon, “ I wanted it to be a band, but with an open door policy … I’m very lucky to have friends who just happen to be some of the most talented people in the world, and I invited them all to contribute when they could.”

A great idea, but after several changes in lineup, it became apparent that The Roman Spring needed to evolve into something more sustainable.

“I had been traveling a lot, and most of the folks who were playing with me, on and off, were also traveling a great distance…it was hard on everyone,” he continues, “ So one day it just dawned on me that what I really needed to do was to settle down and call some old friends.” and so entered Rob Clay (Cravin Melon, The Veldt, Parklife), Scott Carle (Dillon Fence, Collapsis, Lost in the Trees), Sam Clowney (Parklife, The Veldt) and Chad Barger (Cravin Melon, Roger Gupton) into The Roman Spring.

“Rob was really instrumental in getting the other guys on board and he contributed some really fantastic songs to the project but ultimately he decided that he would rather concentrate on his studio endeavors…so we reached out to another good friend of ours, Chris Holloway (Queen Sarah Saturday, Collapsis) who happens to be an amazing songwriter in his own right, to come along on this journey. “

Their combined experience is quite staggering when you consider that one or another of them has either toured or shared a stage with such notable acts as Wilco, John Mayer, Weezer, Widespread Panic, Brandi Carlile, Lemonheads, Third Eye Blind, Pavement, The Black Crowes, Maroon 5, Charlatans UK, and Jet, while songs written and performed by the band members have achieved substantial radio airplay, as well as having landed several national television spots on ESPN, MTV, ABC Family, E!, OXYGEN, The CW, Monday Night Football as well appearing in New Regency Picture’s Empire Records.

The momentum the band is currently enjoying has taken them all by surprise: The five are all veterans of the NC scene, but far from viewing this as just another gig, they’ve all jumped into the project head-first, each with a fresh and immediate perspective driven by the rare musical chemistry they share and the strength of the new material. As likely to appeal to indie audiences as much as they would to fans of country music, blues or rock, The Roman Spring has plenty of crossover appeal while retaining the integrity that comes with the delivery of a truly good song.

The band is currently in the studio with friend and producer Ryan Pickett (My Morning Jacket, Tift Merritt) mixing their debut release.

2017 The Roman Spring